Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Floor Guardian announces British Floor Guardian for the UK

Floor Guardian is a lightweight, quick and easy
to use floor covering designed to enhance a
facility while providing protection for expensive
sports halls and other floors when not being used
for their primary purpose or extending the life of
your existing floor.
British Floor Guardian is the only floor
covering that is recommended and fully
endorsed for use with Junckers Flooring this is
an important point in maintaining the warranty
on a new sports hall floor.
Sports halls or court hire fees generally do not
cover operating costs. Over recent years the non
sporting nature of many facilities has led to changes
in the programming to include “special events”
which cater for much higher number of visitors.
There are many different uses for Floor Guardian
which enable facilities to capture new markets
and increase income.
From a squash court to large indoor sports halls
and every thing in between.Visit our websites for
pictures of our latest installations.
Possible income generators, Children’s parties,
Weddings, dances,Birthday celebrations, seminars,
exhibitions, meetings, cat dog and rabbit shows,
indoor boot fayres, table top sales, temporary stage
shows including wrestling, boxing tournaments.
Other uses, Emergency rest centres, School and
further education examination venue, polling
stations, and election counts.
A number of venues are requesting Floor Guardian
under peace time civil contingencies to use as
temporary flooring where they are designated as
PeaceTime Emergency Rest Centre’s not only to
protect their floors, but make them more
welcoming and environmentally friendly.
NEWfor 2008 – Floor Guardian is made here in
the UK by a major manufacturer under licence
from Floor Guardian USA which holds the patent
for this product.
British Floor Guardian is only available through
British Flooring Contract Services Ltd and is not
manufactured for anybody else.
Another important development is the fact we are
now incorporating Perma Fresh fibres within the
floor covering which is exclusive within the
British Floor Guardian range of sports hall and
leisure products.
Perma fresh is a microband fibre which is anti
bacterial and prevents fungi or mould growth this
makes its use particularly suitable for Asthmatics
and suitable for all customers to participate in
exercise classes yoga,Pilates or any other activities
such as first aid training where participants may be
required to lay on the floor.
British Floor Guardian are able to supply purpose
made storage/carry bags making it easy to move
and store. We recommend and supply
RugDoctor Pro and RugDoctor carpet cleaning
& maintenance products.
We also sell CLASSMATE which is an acoustic
and thermal wall insulation product, which also
acts as a useful notice board.
This product has been very successful in Leisure
Centres and Schools as it reduces reverberated and
transmitted noise.
Areas of application: Sports halls run off areas,
meeting rooms, corridors, hall ways, class room
walls, libraries, computer rooms, lecture theatres,
staff rooms,music rooms, etc.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Importance Of Gym Floor Covers

The Importance Of Gym Floor Covers

Extending the life of a gym floor is important no matter what sport is played on it. Therefore, covering up the floor when holding non-athletic events is critical. Whether it’s a concert, dance or graduation having a cover over the floor not only reduces the maintenance the floor will need, but also extends its life.
Three things are important to consider when choosing a cover for your floor: the kinds of events that will take place, how often the event will take place, and your budget. Covers can get worn, so the more frequently you plan on using your cover, the more you should consider aspects like withstanding wear and tear and acquiring a warranty when choosing your cover.
The last factor to consider when choosing a cover is the color. Covers come in many different colors. This feature can allow schools to show their spirit by selecting their school’s colors, or a more polished look can be taken by matching the color of the floor.

Gym Floor Covers are great for the environment too.

Gym Floor Covers are great for the environment too.

If your facility has a gym and you need more space for meetings, banquets, graduations or you would like to rent out the gym as a source of additional revenue, take a look at our gym floor covers. The perfect answer to increasing the usable space of your facility!

Refinishing your floors is not getting any cheaper and the finishes that you are allowed to use don't last as long, so you are spending more and more trying to maintain your investment in your hardwood floors.  Why not protect them while increasing your ability to rent these spaces out?  Only Floor Guardian can protect against high heels, stage setups and table.  The fancy painters tarps that our competitors sell, just don't work, pose a tripping hazard and are un-sightly.

Floor Guardian is different than the old fashioned vinyl or plastic covers that have been used for years. Floor Guardian is a luxurious Berber covering that is made out a very readily available recycled source, plastic water bottles.

It is not a carpet but a very tough Berber carpet looking material made out of a light weight plastic polyester also know as P.E.T.

That’s right, the same material that all of the millions of water bottles are made out of. In fact you may have one of those water bottles sitting on your desk as you read this web site. Just think of that same bottle instead of taking up space in a landfill, being recycled and turned into a beautiful and extremely durable floor cover.
Floor Guardian will provide far more protection from chairs, tables, heels or equipment than any of the vinyl or plastic covers. Those covers are simply not thick enough to keep a ladies high heel or a chair leg from damaging the floor.

With Floor Guardiant the material is thicker and inherently different than standard covers giving it superior dent, scratch and scrape protection over standard covers.