Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plastic Tarps cause more damage than they are worth

If you have ever had to deal with a plastic tarp system you know exactly the damage that a tarp system can cause. You drag the tarp off of the cart and pull the tarp to the other side of the gym. Along the way, every piece of grit is pulled along too, scratching and marring up your gym floor. And then once installed you have to deal with the slick surface and the trip hazard that comes along with it. And they offer very little protection from high heels while looking like a painters tarp. A bad solution all the way around.
Floor Guardian offers several products that resolves these issues. Our product are rolled out instead of being pulled across the surface. Eliminating the marring and surface scratches caused by plastic tarps. We also offer actual floor protection since our product is much more like carpet versus a painters tarp. No wasted rolls of tape after every event, we use re-usable velcro that will last the life of the covering.
So, instead of a bride having her reception on a tarp, she can have it on a classy covering that is safe and easy to use.