Friday, October 17, 2014

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are now protecting their floors with FloorGuardian

After Hobart and William Smith Colleges was told that their beautiful maple floors in their Bristol Field house could no longer be refinished any longer they then decided to extend its life to the maximum by switching from their old tarps to a new FloorGuardian gym floor protection system.   By making the switch they are proving that they are a much "greener" college since FloorGuardian is made 100% from recycled pop and water bottles and extending the life of their floor. Double bonus.  Besides the environmental advantages, the gym is now much more acoustically warmer and much more attractive for non sporting events.  And as an added bonus they will no longer be purchasing boxes and boxes of sticky tape to hold those old tarps down since FloorGuardian exclusively uses Velcro instead.  Why settle for second best?  Start with a FloorGuardian gym floor protection system and never worry about your floors again.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grace Chapel knows how to protect their floor while and smoothing the acoustics too.

We recently finished covering Grace Chapels beautiful new gym addition to their 104k sq. ft. church.  this new addition provides a wonderful space for the kid to exercise and compete in sports.   The new floor covering provided by Floor Guardian will offer years of service protecting their new floors while offering excellent buffering of sound during sermons and concerts.   

Thursday, March 22, 2012

FloorGuardian now offering a line of tools including Roll up machines

FloorGuardian has made the task of removing the FloorGuardian Floor protector almost labor free.  We now offer a complete line of tools include velcro rollup devices and roll up machines for both Convention Centers and Gyms.   The machines can roll up both the 6' and 9' wide goods up to 250' lengths.  Now installing and removing the flooring can be a no lift operation.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Abernathy Texas ISD

FloorGuardian installed a new floor protection system for the new Gym in Abernathy Texas.   The new facility has a beautiful hardwood basketball court with some very custom logos that they wanted to protect.  FloorGuardian provided a custom fit covering that will last for many years with zero ongoing costs as compared to the tarp systems and the expensive rolls of sticky tape that must be used with every setup.   Great facilities staff made installing the covering a joy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar Land Texas Park and Recreation Center go Green!

The Sugar Land Texas Park and Recreation Center took a giant step in being green with the purchase of a new Floor Guardian floor covering.   Instead of tossing giant wads of wasted sticky tape after every use, they opted to to go green instead.   Using re-usable Velcro seaming tape instead of  sticky tape and having a base product that is made from recycled pop and water bottles, the City of Sugar Land made the choice to help the environment while also having a very classy looking floor covering that will last for years.  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gila River Indian Community is now protecting their new gym floor with a portable floor protection system from Floor Guardian

Blackwater, AZ.  -  The Gila River Indian Recreation Center in Blackwater Arizona is the latest installation site for the Floor Guardian gym floor protection system.  Their beautiful new recreation center now has flooring protection for both the stage and basketball court.  Being environmentally green while looking great were both reason why they chose Floor Guardian versus a plastic tarp system.  They can now expect to reduce the cost of ownership of their hardwoods while beautifying their events at the same time for many, many years to come. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Floor Guardian is proud to announce our latest installation at Coppin State University

Floor Guardian completed another floor protection system installation, this time it was 22,000 sq. ft. at Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD. Their brand new athletic facility now has a Floor Guardian hardwood protection system protecting their state of the art gym floor. The first event held on the new flooring was a memorial to Dorothy Height the civil rights pioneer attended by over 300 attendees. Seating, tables and a stage were all installed without damage to the new gym floor. Events like this are a good way to show case your facilities to future students and others.