Friday, October 17, 2014

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are now protecting their floors with FloorGuardian

After Hobart and William Smith Colleges was told that their beautiful maple floors in their Bristol Field house could no longer be refinished any longer they then decided to extend its life to the maximum by switching from their old tarps to a new FloorGuardian gym floor protection system.   By making the switch they are proving that they are a much "greener" college since FloorGuardian is made 100% from recycled pop and water bottles and extending the life of their floor. Double bonus.  Besides the environmental advantages, the gym is now much more acoustically warmer and much more attractive for non sporting events.  And as an added bonus they will no longer be purchasing boxes and boxes of sticky tape to hold those old tarps down since FloorGuardian exclusively uses Velcro instead.  Why settle for second best?  Start with a FloorGuardian gym floor protection system and never worry about your floors again.

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